The Making of Literature


The making of literature:  texts, contexts and classroom practices, Adelaide, Australian Association of Teachers of English, 1984; reprinted 1988; pdf version now available (2016) at a bargain price. You can read the book’s Introduction here.

“…a shot in the  arm, a breath of fresh air, a wind of change? …  Supply your own metaphor for intellectual and professional invigoration.” – Margaret Gill, in English in Australia.

“Hardly a conference goes by without someone mentioning The Making of Literature – a book which has had a decisive impact on English and Literature teaching.” – Brenton Doecke, in Idiom.

“Ian Reid’s masterwork” – Nicholas Jose, in Teaching Australian Lliterature

4 thoughts on “The Making of Literature

  1. Hi Mr Reid,

    I’m wondering how I can get my hands on a copy of ‘The Making of Literature’. I am currently not attending or in partnership with any tertiary institution that might have it, nor able to access it via the NLA. Your book was recommended to me by one of my former lecturers at Monash University.

    Kind regards,

    Steven Lo

  2. Hi Steven
    I’m glad you’re interested in my 30-year-old book, and I wish I could provide a copy – but I have only one left for my own use. Unfortunately the book is out of print. I can only suggest that you may be able to find a copy for loan in a public library, or go to one of the university libraries and look at it in the library. It’s not a large book. Alternatively, perhaps you could make contact with the Monash lecturer who recommended it, and see whether they have a spare copy for your use. Best wishes!

  3. Thanks for this information, Wendy. Good to know that there are a few copies still available (now approaching “heritage vintage” status!).

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