RIC_6776Welcome to Reid on Writing, where I share with you my books, literary opinions, related activities and incidental musings.

Who am I?  Ian Reid, someone with a double life: a writer of creative and critical work who also works as a consultant for organisations across all sectors.

So the accompanying posts and pages may be relevant to one role or the other. Or both.

The two roles do have something fundamental in common: my love of language, especially the written word. I’m fascinated with its potential to clarify meanings and deepen understandings. Literary language can do this for readers in particularly intense ways. But nearly everything that happens in any organisation has a communicative aspect. How well its members interact may depend importantly on how well texts of various sorts (reports, submissions, newsletters, etc.) are written and edited. I have a stake in that, as well as in the production and circulation of my own books.

So this site won’t be confined purely to literary matters. Sometimes it will engage with organisational communication, curriculum development, the teaching of English, or other topics.

For more information on my background and the purposes of Reid on Writing, see the ABOUT page.

Unless otherwise indicated, material on this site is © Ian Reid. All rights reserved.

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9 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Thanks for alerting me to your blog, Ian. I’ll also alert others to its existence.

    Best wishes,

  2. Looking forward to reading my copy of your latest book. If it is anything like your first two novels it will be most satisfying. Congratulations on a great book launch. Susan

  3. Thanks for this encouraging comment, Susan. Glad you enjoyed the launch! I hope The Mind’s Own Place lives up to your expectations.

  4. Dear Ian,
    As a pre-service English teacher at Monash in Melbourne, I write to inform you that I have a crush on you. I am grateful you put pen to paper to share your experiences of the English classroom. Your ‘literary workshop’ now frames my understanding of teaching and learning . My essays are littered with your quotes because they help me to articulate my English teaching philosophy. Thank you writing in a way that is accessible and not like an academic pompous tosser! My students will be better off because of you. I wish you all the best things life has to offer. Warmest regards, Caitilin

  5. Dear Caitlin
    Sincere apologies for taking so long to reply to your comment, but I’ve been overseas for 6 weeks, unable to check my website. Just back to Australia a few hours ago. Your message warms my heart! I’m delighted that things I’ve written in the past about classroom English can resonate in the present for someone who is a pre-service teacher. It encourages me to think (as I pack my bags for the AATE conference in Adelaide this week) that my ideas about teaching literature may still have some appeal. Thanks so much for your fan message, and best wishes for your future work!

  6. Greetings from Geelong! Wonderful to see that you are still teaching. I still remember your discourse on Wordswoth’s ‘Prelude’. Jura & I are both retired, still writing … will be staying in Perth early Jan. Ted

  7. Hello Ted – Just spotted your message, apparently posted a few days ago. Glad to hear from you and to know you’re still writing. Nearer to the time of your Perth visit, send a message to reidmac@optusnet.com.au and let me know contact details. Best wishes – Ian

  8. Dear Ian, I’m not sure whether you will remember me. I attended a workshop presented by you at Mandurah MALA in March last year. Since that time I have continued writing and have just had my lifestory/autobiography published with the title ‘Full Circle”. My family are thrilled with the result. I want to thank you for all your assistance and guidance at the workshop. I was floundering at that time Your information, suggestions and tips provided me with the structure I needed..
    Thank you again and my very best wishes.
    PS I loved “The Madwoman’s Coat”

  9. Dear Jenny, I certainly remember you, and I’m delighted to know that my workshop sessions helped you to bring the writing of your life story into focus. Congratulations on completing that project successfully so that your family and friends (and potentially a larger readership) can enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Best wishes!

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