I’m Ian Reid, author of 15 books (fiction, poetry, non-fiction) and editor of several more. I’ve also written numerous literary reviews, critical essays, media articles, academic papers and commissioned reports. My writings have been published in a range of literary periodicals,  widely anthologised, and translated into foreign languages. I’ve received a few awards, e.g. the Antipodes poetry prize.

My home is in Perth, near the Indian Ocean rim. I’ve been here longer than in any previous place. New Zealand is where I grew up — Wellington initially, Christchurch mostly; then I lived in Adelaide for some years, then Geelong, before transplanting myself as far westward as I could go without leaving Australia. I’ve also sojourned in several other countries, including a year in the USA (mainly at Cornell).

For a long while I’ve worked in universities, and for some of that time I’ve taught literature and creative writing. My academic teaching career began in New Zealand (Massey) and then I spent more than a decade in South Australia (University of Adelaide). After a stint as Foundation Professor of Literary Studies at Deakin I moved to a senior management role at Curtin, eventually leaving it to become inaugural CEO of the not-for-profit community benefit organisation Leadership Western Australia and later re-entering academe to lead a comprehensive curriculum reform process at the University of Western Australia. I retain an adjunct professorial position in Humanities at UWA.

In addition I continue to undertake occasional consultancy work for organisations across all sectors and I’m active in voluntary community work (details on the OTHER ACTIVITIES page). Until recently I was a Board Director of the Australian Society of Authors.

My main priority and pleasure now is writing poetry and fiction.

Thank you for visiting this site. Please draw it to the attention of friends who may be interested in reading about writing. Comments on any pages or posts are welcome.

10 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hello, I am a Humanities student at the South National University. We would like to inquire your academic background in order to be able to write an essay about one of your books, The short story.
    I’ll wait for your answer, thank you so much.

  2. Hello Jimena,
    There is an informal summary of my academic background on this “About” page of my website. What further information would you like me to provide?

  3. Hello;
    My book club is focus9ng on poetry this month. Can you suggest one of your poems? I have read and enjoyed your books. Thank you!

  4. Hi Heather

    Good to know that poetry (including mine) is of intreest to your book club. I’ll send a more detailed reply to your email address.

  5. Dear Ian,
    I am writing about the history of the WAGR. In its earliest days, the line from Fremantle to Guildford, and soon after to Northam, was completed. A surveyor named Thomas H. Browne was engaged in the planning of this this line. I have a copy of your novel “The Mind’s Own Place”, in which he is a principal character.
    My question is, do you have a photograph of this person? I have been unable to find one on the internet or elsewhere. If you do, I would like to use it in the book I am writing on the history of the WAGR.
    Best regards, Fred Affleck 0402 485 064 faffleck@outlook.com

  6. Hello Fred
    Sorry to be slow in responding. The short answer is no — alas, there’s no photo of Satan Browne. I’ll respond to you directly at more length.
    Best wishes.

  7. Dear Ian,
    I have just read your book, “Fiction and the Great Depression: Australia and New Zealand, 1930-1950”, published back in 1979, and want to say: thank you for opening up this field. I was particularly interested in Marjorie Barnard and, most of all, her final novel (written with Flora Eldershaw), “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”. But now my list of books to read has grown considerably, thanks in part to your study. Wonderful!
    Regards, Walter

  8. Dear Walter
    How nice to get your appreciative message! I’m glad to know that old book of mine is still being read. I share your admiration of Marjorie Barnard — a fine writer. Sorry to be slow in responding but I’m travelling overseas this month with only intermittent internet connection. All good wishes!

  9. Hi Ian,
    I host a Bookclub at the NMHS Dept. of Health Library (Mount Claremont). It is held every last Tuesday of each month between 2-3:15pm. About 10 people attend face-to-face and a few attend online.
    If you are free on July 25, 2-3:15pm would you like to come to present on one of your books please? [….]
    Cheers for now,

  10. Hi Megan
    Apologies for delay — recently returned from overseas and have just seen your message. Yes, happy to meet your group. Will respond more fully to your email address.
    Cheers — Ian

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