Higher Education or Education for Hire?


Higher education or education for hire?  Language and values in Australian universities, Central Queensland University Press, 1996

“A thoroughly entertaining and challenging contribution to our understanding of the complex process of change taking place in Australian universities.  While addressing the Australian context, this book is of relevance to other countries since the issues are not unique….  Ian Reid has done an excellent job in exposing the many complex threads that make up political arguments in these areas.  For anyone working in a university or indeed just interested in the process of change, I would describe his analysis as enlightening and educative.” – Richard Joseph in Prometheus.

“Ian Reid’s analysis of the language and values of the contemporary debate about the purposes of the modern university is comprehensive in reach and timely in its production.  To read it is to be instantly aware that much of the contemporary debate is sloppy and misleading – but also that the institutions themselves are very much alive.” – Don Aitkin, in the foreword.

“This a refreshingly readable book:  the author’s love of language is evident throughout the work.  There is a minimum of jargon and a total absence of pomposity….  It is the first serious attempt to identify something called the Australian University….  Here we have an extraordinarily balanced approach, and in fact Professor Reid makes a case for balance, for getting the right kinds of tension working within a university – and between the university and the community, between the university and the workplace, between the university and business, between the university and government….  What we can see in this remarkably thoughtful book is the essence of what a university education is about.” – Hon. John Dawkins, in launching the book.

“Reid … [provides] an indication of the complexities of serious communication in the modern university.” – Ronald Barnett in Realizing the University



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