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IMG_4888Since its inception more than half a century ago  the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) has gained very substantial benefits for this country’s writers, and so for readers of Australian literature as well. Right now its efforts are more crucially important than ever, because Australian writing is under heavy assault.

As its current slogan proclaims, the acronym ASA could just as well stand for the range of services that this organisation offers to literary practitioners: Advocacy/Support/Advice.

Fair copyright licence provisions and public lending right legislation are among its most impressive and tangible achievements.

I’ve written appreciatively about the ASA in a previous post. At this moment it’s in the spotlight as it valiantly fights the good fight against potentially disastrous measures proposed by the Productivity Commission, particularly a recommendation to remove existing restrictions on parallel importation of books. Anyone who cares about the future of Australian writing should take heed – and take action!

(In what follows I’ve abridged a statement sent recently to ASA members by its CEO, Juliet Rogers. I do so with her permission and in my capacity as an ASA Board Director.)

On Friday 23 September the Productivity Commission will deliver to the Commonwealth Government its final report on Intellectual Property Arrangements. It is unlikely to change the recommendations of its draft report, which would have these drastic effects:

The ASA is working with the Australian Publishers Association to submit to the government within the next few weeks a joint petition protesting against these changes . Although it already contains more than 16,000 signatures, there’s an urgent need to add as many signatories as possible so that politicians with the power to influence this decision receive a strong message.

Some loyal readers of Australian books are still not aware of what’s at stake. If you’re in that category, please go to the information links highlighted above – and then consider sending a letter to your Member of Parliament and a State Senator expressing your concerns.

Some Australian writers haven’t yet signed the ASA petition. If you’re in that category, please do so without delay by following this link. And if you’re not a member of the Australian Society of Authors, NOW is a very good time to join this vital organisation.

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By the way, if you live in or near Perth you may like to attend an event on Thursday 15 September at the State Library of WA Theatre, 6-8 pm: Juliet Rogers, CEO of the ASA, will talk about ‘The Business of Writing.’ This overview of current challenges, hazards and opportunities for writers is sponsored by WritingWA – a great example of the kind of partnership in which both WritingWA and the ASA have excelled. It’s a free event, open to all, but registration is required.



5 thoughts on “Help to repel an assault on Australian writing

  1. Thanks, Nicholas – coming from the other side of the world, your comment is an encouraging reminder that the defence of Australian writing is important not only to those of us who live in Australia.

  2. I wonder if the Liberals will have more difficulty getting this one through the newly elected parliament than they anticipated earlier in the year, given that they now have a majority of only one in the House of Reps and rather more independents in the Senate than before the double-dissolution. What do you think, Ian?

  3. You may well be right, Glen – I fervently hope so! I know that several key non-govt parliamentarians are being lobbied on this matter. Frustratingly, Mitch Fifield the Arts Minister is entirely unresponsive to the many attempts to engage his attention. (By the way: sorry to be slow responding, but for some reason your comment had automatically been relegated to spam – if I hadn’t checked the spam queue just now I wouldn’t have known you’d commented.)

  4. Not a problem, Ian. Something strange was happening my end, too – I posted my comment twice and nothing came up!

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