The Shifting Shore


The Shifting Shore [poems and translation] co-published by Grange Press (Vancouver, Canada) and Mattoid (Geelong, Australia), 1997

“Reid approaches his subject with humour, precise imagery, and an emphasis on the aural…. The poems discuss the self through extended metaphors…so thoroughly that self and seashore merge, diverge and merge again…. This is poetry of the littoral regions.  In reading it one finds oneself standing on the physical, wet sand or in the conceptual territory of the individual psyche, depending on the tidal movements of each stanza and line… Not only a fine sense of the interstices between self and world, but… an exceptional sense of imagery [moving] towards the fascinating territory that Reid calls ‘the ruffled edges of the real’.” – Michael Wiley in Antipodes.

“There’s a great deal of verbal flair, at times almost pyrotechnics, but the poems also have a terrific sense of place, of being located in a physical world inhabited by real people….  All this gives the collection a human and physical solidity which is very appealing, and all the more because the language is full of tricks and surprises.” – Andrew Taylor, publisher’s reader [quoted on jacket]

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