The End of Longing


You can read an excerpt from the novel here.

Gemma Nisbet interviewed me about The End of Longing; you can read her article in The West Australian here.

Lisa Hill interviewed me for her ANZ Lit-Lovers blog: you can read the Q&A here, and follow an embedded link to her review of The End of Longing.

Peter Pierce reviewed the novel for The Australian: you can read his remarks here.

Excerpts from other reviews are shown below:

  • Bookseller & Publisher: ‘The End of Longing is a cleverly written piece of historical fiction…a complex story of mystery and intrigue…I was completely absorbed from the first page to the final scene.’
  • The Age: ‘Filled with allusions to 19th-century literature, history and mores, The End of Longing is distinguished by its sense of place, which is ironic really, as one of the themes in this richly layered book is that of travel and the peripatetic lives of the married couple at the centre of the story. But wherever his characters go… Ian Reid places us vividly there.’
  • Australian Book Review‘Reid scores a considerable success in recreating the hard-scrabble frontier towns of an age that is increasingly alien to our own… The reader encounters a pageant of 19th-century lives here…a realistic portrait of a bleak world.’
  • Transnational Literature: ‘Skilfully realised… How well does any person know the “truth” of another? This question underpins much of the novel and keeps the reader turning the pages… The gradual revelation of clues allows the reader to become the detective in pursuit of truth.’
  • Writing WA: ‘An imaginative story of two people struggling to understand themselves and their relationship to the world around them.’
  • Warrnambool Standard: ‘Typical of colonial heroines, Frances is destined to satisfy a terrible curiosity – what is it like out there? Her husband, and perhaps her nemesis, is the Rev. William Hammond… Reid’s exploration of William’s background is supensefully threaded through the book…very seductive.’
  • Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Compelling…intense…poetic…it stayed with me and has been hard to shake off.’

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