Framing and Interpretation


Framing and interpretation, Melbourne University Press, 1994 (co-authored with Gale MacLachlan)

“This elegantly written and intriguing book provides an excellent introduction to framing theory. It is essential reading for understanding interpretation practices in the human and social sciences.” – Ilana Snyder, publisher’s reader (quoted on jacket).

“MacLachlan and Reid present their own model of ‘framing’ – an active term which signals the interactive nature of reading, and the ways in which perception and knowledge of many kinds contribute to the construction of meaning….  Much of the value of the model lies in the way it celebrates the richness and diversity of reading…. Like all good ‘new’ theories, it endorses much of what we already do and know, while at the same time reframing our existing practice in a way that opens up new possibilities.” – Catherine Beavis in Idiom.

“The frame enclosing any piece of text is both a set of material determinants and a metaphor for the frame structure of genre. MacLachlan and Reid interrogate the force of the frame by asking how it is that we can identify certain texts as belonging to the genre…when there are no collective distinguishing marks by which one can tell them from other kinds of text.” – John Frow in Genre.


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