Readers who don’t just read

In some previous posts I’ve ruminated glumly on the decline of the book trade in general and of some traditional publicity vehicles such as book launches in particular. Faced with such dismal trends, and conscious that publishers have trimmed their marketing budgets, writers can sometimes feel burdened with lonely responsibility for the promotion of their books.

But that ignores a large group of potential publicists: a book’s readers! Writing a few days ago in the Huffington Post, Cindy Tansin issues a challenge: if you’ve enjoyed reading a book, consider returning the favour to the author – e.g. by actually buying it for someone else rather than lending it, by reviewing it in a forum such as Goodreads, by following the author on social media, by visiting the author’s website, by posting a photo of yourself holding the book*… and so on.

*My own alternative suggestion: send your friends a photo of the item on display in a bookstore – like the following one sent to me by someone who spotted my novel The End of Longing among featured titles in an airport shop!


 Cindy’s stimulating article on ‘being more than a reader’ is at!


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