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When its author first sees how a forthcoming book will look, there’s a frisson of pleasure.

So I’m very happy to share this preview of the cover of my soon-to-be-released fourth novel, A Thousand Tongues.

The design by Steve Barwick captures the story’s mood well, incorporating a landscape scene that figures importantly in the action. The row of stones, stark, uncanny, tongue-like, has stood in this part of Dartmoor since prehistoric times.

The title? It alludes to a speech by one of Shakespeare’s characters, quoted in an epigraph to the text.

More on this before long, as the release date draws nearer.

6 thoughts on “Cover preview

  1. Look forward to reading your book when it’s released Ian… The cover made me think about the big stones in ‘a road less traveled’. Gina

  2. Not a coincidence, Glenn – at least in my perception; I don’t know what the prehistoric architects thought about it.

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